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A narrative history of the Birth of Rock 'n Roll in Detroit

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From the early days of John Lee Hooker to the heyday of Motown, Detroit has enjoyed a long reputation as one of the crucibles of American pop music. In Grit, Noise & Revolution, David Carson turns the spotlight on those hard-rocking , long-haired musicians - influenced by Detroit's R&B heritage - who intimidated the Establishment and, ultimately, helped to change the face of rock 'n roll. Grit, Noise & Revolution is the story of some of the great garage-inspired, blue collar Motor City rock 'n roll bands that exemplified the Detroit rock sound.

Author David A. Carson called on Pat Appleson Studios for photos that Mr. Appleson personally shot in the era the book chronicles. Pat says, "we were pleased to have many of our photos included for publication. I shot them because I felt that they might be important some day. I never imagined they would wind up in a book about an era." You can see the color versions below. "Grit Noise & Revolution" is published by The University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor.Link to buy the book

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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper performs at Mount Holly
Ski Lodge in the summer of 1970

Bob Seger

Michigan rock legend Bob Seger headlines
another show at the popular Mount Holly Ski Lodge
just north of Pontiac, Michigan

Bob Seger

The Bob Seger System in action, 1970.
Left to Right: Dan Honaker on Bass, Pep Perine on Drums
and Bob Seger.

Brownsville Station

Guitarist Mike Lutz and Cub Koda of Brownsville Station
in the dressing room before a concert in 1972
at Miami Jai-Lai Fronton, Miami, Florida.

Brownsville Station

Tony Driggins, Bass Guitarist of Brownsville Station on stage
in 1972 at Miami Jai-Lai Fronton, Miami, Florida.

Cub Koda, Pat Appleson, George Carlin

Back stage 1972 Miami Jai-Lai Fronton, Miami, Florida.
L-R: Cub Koda, Brownsville Station; WWOK AM/FM Radio Personality
Pat Appleson; Legendary Comedian, George Carlin.

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry inspired countless Detroit rockers.
Backed by the Woolies, Chuck rocks a Motor City audience
in 1971 at Oakland Community College's Union Lake Campus.

Chuck Berry

Bob Baldori of the Woolies with Chuck Berry
in 1971 concert at Oakland Community College's
Union Lake Michigan Campus.

Dick Wagner

Guitarist Dick Wagner of FROST, on stage at Wild Wednesday concert,
Davison, Michigan near Flint.

Rusty Day

Veteran "blue-eyed" Detroit R&B vocalist Rusty Day
performing as a member of the Amboy Dukes,
1971 Mount Holly Ski Lodge.

Ted Nugent Drummer

Amboy Dukes drummer, K.J. Knight, performs on stage
at Wild Wednesday concert, Davison, Michigan near Flint.

Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent performing with the Amboy Dukes
at outdoor concert at Sherwood Forest,
Davision, Michigan near Flint.

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