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Matrox Personal Producer/Express NLE Edit System Model 2300 for sale on Ebay. See Complete Pictures Here:Matrox 2300 Photos for detailed inventory, email

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We're proud to be an Authorized Otari Warranty Repair Station.

We have been using Otari equipment in our studios since 1975. They were good machines then and in our opinion are the best machines on the market today. Otari products offer very good value for the money, hold their value over time and most importantly are very reliable.

At Pat Appleson Studios, our main product is Advertising, but we make our service & repair skills available to professional end users in South Florida & the Caribbean area. Unlike many other studios today, we employ a full time Chief Engineer who has been licensed by the Federal Communications Commission for the past 20 years and has been to many factory repair seminars. Please feel free to call and discuss ordering parts, custom modifications and service.

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If you're in the market for new machine or console, call Pat's buddy Mike Harris at in North Miami, Florida 305 944-4448. Harris Audio is a full line Professional Dealer. Pat says, "If you're tired of talking to sales dorks who don't know Phase from Polarity, this is the place for you!"

Otari MX-55/N Wiring Skats. Originally printed 1992, I acquired them in 1994

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