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South Florida Country Radio Reunion, July 21, 2007

And now a word from the "Home Office".....

- Wed January 16, 2008 - The left column contains artifacts from my vault along with memorabilia donated by many others. The right column contains photos from the Reunion itself.

In addition to the Reunion photos, below, the video shot at the reunion is now available on DVD. It's free to bonifide Broadcasters and Hangers on. Not available in any record store, no COD's, batteries not included. It's worth twice the price and more fun then the last station that fired you. This two and one half hour tribute to WWOK and Radio, IS "the times of our lives." Enjoy.

What a wonderful time I had, the best party/reunion I've EVER been to. My hats off to all that helped and specially to Rockin' Ralph Michaels-Fabiano. Well Done, Ralph. And to everyone who was there, my warmest personal regards. - PA-in-the-PM (another "Desperado, waiting for a Train")

WWOK-AM/WIGL-FM, Miami - WQAM-AM, Miami Beach - WGMA-AM, Hollywood, Florida -WQDI-AM, Homestead, Florida, Photo Gravure